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We are a Club of Professional and Serious Gamblers who discuss the best ways to win at Gambling. Understand that the collective wisdom of real world players is the best way to learn win. We discuss and help each other find the best strategies for Baccarat and Blackjack. We discuss statistics that are relevant to make you a consistent winner. We explain why you will never win paying thousands of dollars to scam artist system sellers. The best way to learn to win is to join our club and mentor with other winners.
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Mookie 1

I’ve been a member of Beat the Casino for over 2 years.  I had given up on all forms of gambling (not because I lost my shirt but because I was always treading water) when I discovered this awesome club.  When I joined, it was kind of overwhelming at first but so many members were willing to offer help and suggestions.  The reason I joined was because it was never promised that I would be buying a “system” and guaranteed to win.  The opposite is true:  no system selling, no guarantees, just honest information from some of the best and most successful players in the world.  The tools you learn at BTC, and there are many, show you how to forge your own path to success.  Kudos to Keith for running a highly respected and information-based club…and always keeping it real.

BTC: the only International Baccarat Forum for serious players. They teach you the best ways to win with an endless source of information and Professional players.  I have been with for well over 25 Years and I have played all over the world from Macau, Europe, and America.

Andre Nicotera @Wolfat in BTC, BTC Member Thailand Click Here to See Profile
Dixon ICon

BTC rocks now the half-back flankers are gone and we have all serious players now helping each other.  I have learned more from than I could have imagined and turned it into thousands of dollars in profits from playing.

The only reason to join is to learn how to win, and that is what they have taught me and what all the professional players, full and part-time, dedicate themselves to in the club.  If you want to learn how to win at this game consistently and in a big way, join. I personally will meet you in Vegas after you are a member and be more than happy to play baccarat with you, and breakfast is on me.

BeatTheCasino.Com is second to none, as a club. Our members are truly engaged in helping each other to succeed in winning at Baccarat, Blackjack, and many other Casino games. We are like a brotherhood in holding nothing back, in sharing our knowledge to new members and sharing with every seasoned player who are members. Most of us are professional players, meaning we play wherever from any Casino and whenever we want for the main purpose of winning money. It is like going to an ATM machine. Join us, you will not regret it.


Multiple Live Testimonials, Artisan Las Vegas

I’ve been playing Baccarat for a few years and I am in the red for about $150k. I’ve tried everything that I could think of to be a consistently winning player.   I have paid for strategies/systems and tried the martingale system (Don’t ever do Martingale), I was so desperate in trying to beat the game that I bankrolled a professional Baccarat player named Jason ****** who scammed me $8k.  You name it, I’ve done it all.  None of them worked.  But when I discovered BTC, I was hesitant to join due to past experience. But then I said to myself. What do I have to lose, I have already come this far.  But man, I am so glad that I joined BTC.  Everyone is so helpful, especially on the forum.  You guys are awesome!!.   I joined in Feb. Between Feb. and March, I made $4k profit. Last month (April).  I made $11k. My unit size is now $150.00 which is 0.50% of my bankroll.  I mainly flat bet.  FLAT BETTING WORKS!!. (The only quasi-progression betting I do is ONLY if I am in the positive unit).  It was boring as hell in the beginning but I got used to it over time and who cares if it’s boring I’m here to make money.   This is what I have done thus far to make a consistent profit


I absolutely love BTC. Since joining I’ve met up with @kachatz1 and have already doubled my investment using the app and my 10 Best Bets on the forum. I even have a hard copy of my 10 Best Bets playbook.   I can’t recommend this site enough.   I’ve acquired so many baccarat tools from this site and it continues every day.   The community is super helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  If you are serious about baccarat and making money join this site. You won’t regret it.

Baldi41, Pilot

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