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We are a Club of Professional and Serious Gamblers who discuss the best ways to win at Gambling. Understand that the collective wisdom of real world players is the best way to learn win. We discuss and help each other find the best strategies for Baccarat and Blackjack. We discuss statistics that are relevant to make you a consistent winner. We explain why you will never win paying thousands of dollars to scam artist system sellers. The best way to learn to win is to join our club and mentor with other winners.
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I’ve been a member of Beat the Casino for over 2 years.  I had given up on all forms of gambling (not because I lost my shirt but because I was always treading water) when I discovered this awesome club.  When I joined, it was kind of overwhelming at first but so many members were willing to offer help and suggestions.  The reason I joined was because it was never promised that I would be buying a “system” and guaranteed to win.  The opposite is true:  no system selling, no guarantees, just honest information from some of the best and most successful players in the world.  The tools you learn at BTC, and there are many, show you how to forge your own path to success.  Kudos to Keith for running a highly respected and information-based club…and always keeping it real.

Michael Wilson, United States

BTC: the only one international baccarat forum to be…for serious players only

Andre Nicotera, Thailand
BTC rocks now the half-back flankers are gone
Brett Dixon, Australia

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