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The DNA of Baccarat – $899 Value – by CanadaBacc

Dig deep into the card flow analysis of scores and naturals.  You all seen and heard him from my YouTube videos but allow yourself to dig deep into the statistics that matter in Baccarat from his in-depth card flow analysis.  This professional player will give you insights into the game that would normally take you a lifetime to find.

The 10 Best Bets in Baccarat – $1499 Value by GB09 Kachatz1 and others

Spearheaded by GB08, this important detailing of the absolute best bets in Baccarat and why you should always look for these. Some of our players utilize this method while playing stadium Baccarat.  They simply watch multiple games for these setups.  You can learn them all in the premium forum.

First and foremost our worldwide club is host to the Best Baccarat Players in the World. This is Priceless!

The best way to learn how to win is from other winners. You will have access to hundreds of International Players. Chat in the forum, in a weekly practice session via Zoom call, in person, at a seminar or What’s App group chat we all get to know each other. Do what others winners are doing and you can

Million Dollar Baccarat – $499 Value 

An approach based on the statistical probability of events and how to capitalize on the statistical resistance of certain events.  Many players and Pros at use this low risk way to canvas baccarat games and look for opportunity Stadium Baccarat has allowed this method to flourish due to the plentiful game selection. If you like stadium Baccarat this method is for you.

5D Professional Baccarat – $899 Value 

BTC member Kachatz1’s flagship program designed by him and used in the casino today as his premier and go to Professional Approach.  As a premium member Kevin meets with players on a regular basis in Las Vegas and is happy to play his 5D Approach with you.  After you are a member simply give Kevin a call and arrange a time to meet. He always buys Breakfast!.  He will make you a believer in the approach as many have seen him with 1000’s of Dollars in the casino implementing the 5D Approach.

NOR – $599 Value

NOR is an acronym for Neutral, Opposite, and Repeat which is the 3 basic games types it tries to identify.  A comprehensive approach that looks at the game from three different angles to determine the way to win. 90% of all games will fall under this one category and NOR is the best way to play these games.

The Strategic Baccarat Interface $1999 Value

This proprietary system will take you to the next level of play. It is home to over 8000 real shoes segregated by casinos.  Trying to find the best casino to play and identify a bias from casino to casino?  This tool will help find a casino bias as you learn approaches and practice.

Hundreds of Instructional Videos from Professional Players who want to help you win!


I almost forgot! A $599 Value!!! The 87% Solution

The Visual 87% solution by Kachatz1.  This dynamic approach is based on the frequency of events:

  • 50% will be 1 in a rows
  • 25% of events will be 2 in a rows
  • 12.5% will be 3 in a rows
  • 6.25% will be 4 0r more in a rows

Learn how a pro takes this information and turns it into a winning approach by this easy to follow video explanation by the ever popular Kachatz1 from